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Moms / Dads and Tots Group Lessons:

This is a special time for mom / dad and baby to bond with each other, have fun together and learn at the same time.

Learn To Swim:

Here we teach children water safety. We teach with songs and don’t push children beyond what they are comfortable with. This is also where we build their love for water and confidence in their abilities.

Beginner Board Work:

After they are able to swim a length coming up to breath without assistance we progress to teaching with boards and doing basic freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. We also start teaching them the dolphin kick as a fun activity.

Stroke Correction:

At this point of the lessons we teach proper stroke techniques, i.e. side-breathing, correct arm movements, timing of the strokes, body position, as well as dives and basic tumble turns.

Squad Training:

Here we focus on their fitness and as well their speed and endurance in order to prepare them for galas. We incorporate a competitive swimming environment to prepare them mentally and physically for galas.

Adult Lessons:

A lot of adults are wanting to learn to swim to be able to enjoy the water with their children. We accommodate our adults at times when it is not too busy, either early morning, mid-day or early evening’s. It is also an important safety mechanism for parents who have pools at home to be able to assist their children should the need arise.

We offer special lessons for child minders / domestic workers at a reduced rate as we feel it is so important if children stay at home.

Aqua Aerobics Classes:

It is an extremely important form of exercise for both young to middle aged ladies.  Our instructor Alison is excellent, with a good knowledge of joint and muscle problems and works according to the level of each one’s fitness and needs. Aqua aerobics is a low impact high result form of exercise.

Party Venue:

We hire our facility out for a party venue all year round. Life guards are available on request at a small fee. Tables and chairs are available. (Self-catering but cakes can be ordered via Tigger Tiger).

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